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Frenel Imaging 


Frenel Imaging patented image processing framework provides unmatched supporting data enabling significant improvement to you application.


Proprietary Machine Learning  image processing utilizes polarimetry attributes analysis across different bands, providing invaluable insights for a wide range of applications. By harnessing the capabilities of Ai image processing, we empower all received multilayered information to unlock the full potential of polarimetric data.

Our advanced algorithms extract and analyze polarimetric attributes from images captured in various bands, enabling detailed characterization of targets and scenes. Whether it's for remote sensing, Perimeter Protection, environmental monitoring, or industrial inspections, our AI-based image processing precisely measures parameters such as polarization degree, angle of polarization, polarization phase difference and angular temperature. These quantitative assessments offer a deeper understanding of the objects under study, resulting in enhanced decision-making and improved accuracy in applications such as target detection, material classification, and surface characterization.


Our Customers and partners rely on our AI-powered image processing solutions to unleash the power of polarimetry to elevate their application capabilities to new heights.

Our team has extensive experience in sensor design, optics, and image processing. We are committed to advancing the field of polarization imaging through innovation and collaboration with our partners.

Polarimetry Explained

Polarimetry is a scientific technique that plays a crucial role in measuring and analyzing the polarization state of light. Light, as an electromagnetic wave, can vibrate in various directions, and polarimetry enables us to understand and quantify these vibrations. Polarization refers to the orientation of these light vibrations, which can be linear, circular, or elliptical.


A polarimetry solution involves the combination of optical devices that selectively allow light vibrations in specific directions to pass through while attenuating vibrations in other directions. Additionally, image processing techniques are employed to effectively measure and analyze the polarization of light.

However, the full potential of polarization analysis has only recently been realized due to advancements in image processing capabilities. The ability to properly process the received data and incorporate it into acceptable images for market users has been a limiting factor in the widespread adoption of polarimetry.

The foundation of polarimetry lies in Malus's law, which states that the intensity of transmitted light passing through an analyzer is proportional to the square of the cosine of the angle between the polarization direction of the incident light and the transmission axis of the analyzer. By rotating either the polarizer or the analyzer, the intensity of transmitted light can be measured at different angles, enabling the determination of the polarization state of the incident light.

Polarimetry finds applications across multiple industries. It is instrumental in studying the interaction of light with matter, analyzing the structure and properties of materials, measuring optical activity and chirality in molecules, and characterizing the scattering and reflection of light from surfaces and particles. By harnessing the insights provided by polarimetry, industries can gain a deeper understanding of light-matter interactions and leverage this knowledge for various purposes.

Our Mission

At Frenel Imaging, our mission is to provide the most accurate and advanced polarization imaging technology to our customers. We strive to push the boundaries of what is possible in polarization imaging and to provide solutions that meet the unique needs of each aplication.

We believe that innovation is key to our success. We are constantly exploring new technologies and constantly evolving TPiCore to improve performance and to provide new capabilities. 


Thermal Polarimetry is the natural evolition of the traditional Thermal market. 

                                                          Sagi Zur Arie, CTO

Core Values


The introduction any new capability has to come through Collaboration, we believe that this is essential to the market acceptance of Polarimetry as a tool. We work closely with our partners, and other experts in the field to develop solutions that proide evident value that advances the field of polarization imaging.


As a company aiming to be the gateway to many industry players, we are committed to honesty, transparency, and ethical behavior in all aspects of our business. We believe that building trust with our customers and partners is essential to our long-term success.


As we are performing Market education to this new technology, we have to be dedicated to excellence in everything we do. We strive to provide the highest quality products and services to our customers and to be a leader in the field of polarization imaging.

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